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Textured Wall Grab Bars PDF Print E-mail

Textured Wall Grab Bars
  • Textured diamond knurled gripping area
  • Rustproof stainless steel construction
  • Professional installation required
  • Retail box
  • BS-H212-1
    Model Size
    BS-H212-1 12" each
    BS-H216-1 16" each $21.00
    18" each $22.00
    BS-H224-1 24" each $24.00
    BS-H232-1 32" each $28.00


    How to Install a Grab Bar

    Unlike towel bars and other light-duty bars, grab bars are specially manufactured to hold at least 250 lbs. when properly secured. Grab bars provide extra security in and around the bathtub for that first slippery step. This article will demonstrate where to position grab bars and how to anchor them so they are rock-solid.

    Preventing Blood Clots In the Legs PDF Print E-mail



    Physicians today have a variety of ways to treat deep vein thrombosis. Such treatments can range from bed rest and drug therapy to leg surgery. In most cases, however, blood clots can be encouraged to dissolve on their own within the body. The main goal for the physician is to ensure that the clot does not break free and travel to other parts of the body.

    Incontinence PDF Print E-mail

    Dignity® Classic

    Adult incontinence presents challenges to patients and caregivers everywhere. Healthcare professionals know that the need for effective incontinence management will continue to grow as our aging population expands.

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